Tooling Up – Shop Prep

Over the last few days I’ve finished digging out the remains of the center post (an old telephone pole) and prepped the hole for concrete.

Here we have just a bit wider view.

I then filled in the hole with concrete, troweled it out and have been keeping it wet under some plastic for a couple of days. It’s been getting colder at night so I’ve kept a heat lamp on it to keep it warm and allow it to cure (hopefully) more fully.

Again, here’s a bit wider/longer shot for some visual context.

In other news on my shop upgrade, after opening the shop a couple of days ago to 2 new large lakes of water I have finally accepted the fact that I need to replace this 30 year old “tin” roof. In fact, I’ve ordered all the materials and they should be delivered in the next 10-14 days. I’ll report more when that event unfolds.

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