Workshop – 9th Wall Section Completed

Over the last couple of days, with good weather in hand, I was able to reframe the upper front corner of the shop from damage it had apparently incurred during Hurricane Florence.

The end portion of the main beam along the top front of the shop had been cracked and needed some TLC. I cut out the cracked portion, spliced in a new custom fit 2×10 piece, then covered that with even another segment of 2×10 to give the beam repair some surface area to bolt to both the existing beam and the corner support pole.

As you can see, there is quite a hodgepodge of 1/2″ galvanized bolts protruding into the upper corner to secure and buttress everything together.

The result of all the lag bolts on the outside corner made it look as if I had taken a shotgun to the workshop. It may not look fancy, but it definitely worked in making the corner secure.

As I worked to secure the end of the front roof support crossbeam, I also filled in the upper portion of the front wall above the big doors (that I reported finished in my last post) with insulation and then covered with OSB.

The last major step completed tonight was that of finishing the hanging shelf over the last set of big doors, pretty much as I had done for the middle set of big doors. This completes the front wall of the workshop, leaving only the front side wall (a bit of it shown on the right side below) to be insulated and covered.

Again, the last two (2) major tasks to be completed before I call the shop open for business regarding airplane construction is 1) the remaining wall segment insulated and covered, and 2) the milling machine installed and operational.

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