Workshop Finished!

I finally finished the glass storage cabinet & cutting table and the epoxy hot storage cabinet!

Glass cutting table

Epoxy hotboxIt took about a week on & off to varnish the epoxy cabinet door and the glass cutting table. I’m pleased with the outcome and could then press on with the final install steps.


I mounted the swing out support legs for the glass cutting table.  This table BTW is almost twice the surface area as my last table that I used before in Virginia and Germany.

Fold-up cutting table

I then drilled the hinge holes in the back of the epoxy hotbox cabinet door with a forstner bit, added a handle and then mounted the cabinet door.

Hotbox door

Hotbox cabinet

Here’s some shots of the entire setup:

Hotbox & glass cabinets

Glass cutting table/cabinet

Glass/epoxy station

And one last shot of the whole shebang . . .

Glass cutting table


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