Almost done glassing fuselage bottom…promise!!

I removed the peel ply from last night’s layups.  If you’ve never seen fiberglass after peel ply is removed, it can often leave some ridges and strings along the edges of the laid up peel ply.  That is why I usually try to use as large of a single piece as possible for whatever I’m peel-plying to eliminate all the strings and funky edges.  Thus, I took about an hour to clean up all the peel ply “gifts” leftover from the layups.

Chap 6 - Glassing fuselage bottomAfter all the peel ply crud was cleaned up, I used 4 scrap pieces for the final 1-ply BID layup to the front 4 compartments of the fuselage bottom.

Chapter 6 - Glassing fuselage bottom

Chapter 6 - Glassing Fuselage BottomI used 4 separate pieces for this final layup for a couple of reasons.  First, a decent amount of the overlap will be removed when the center pineapple-shaped piece, which makes up the nose gear wheel well, gets removed.  Also, since there was some delams in that area, I don’t mind a few extra overlaps since in essence there will be 2-plies of BID where the glass plies overlap versus only 1-ply, which should help buttress up those delam areas just a bit.

Glassing fuselage bottom

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