Builder Outreach!

Today Chris Seats was going to come up from Fredericksburg, VA to pick up my extra canopy that he’s buying from me, and to take a look at my Long-EZ build.  I finished up some errands and was about an hour into straightening up the shop when I got a message from him saying that traffic was way backed up and it was going to take him twice as long as usual to get here, so understandably Chris rescheduled his visit.  If any of you know DC area traffic, it can be brutal at times.

So, I worked a bit more on getting my shop squared away when out of curiosity I checked the traffic situation from my side down.  Interestingly, if I went down to see him it was going to taking half the time than him coming north.  After conferring with Chris, I loaded up the Todd Silver made canopy and hauled it down to Chris’s shop in Fredericksburg.

I got there around 1530 and planned on leaving an hour or two later.  Well, by the time I got out of there . . . of course talking all things Long-EZ, it was nearly 2100.  I got some great ideas and some really good insight into some common engine components that we both have.

Obviously I didn’t get anything done on the build, except I do have a much cleaner and organized shop, but it was great to sit and chat with Chris regarding our respective builds.

As per usual, tomorrow I really plan to get back onto the build.  Although I do have some more non-build related stuff scheduled that I need to get done.

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