Chap 14 – CS Spar prep night

Tonight was a significant, but light, night build wise.

I climbed under the fuselage & took measurements for the rear CS spar mount & firewall area.  One specific measurement I was looking for was the difference in the placement of my 4 Spruce hard points/inserts, since my fuselage is slightly wider & the side walls exit the fire wall going forward at a slightly steeper angle than stock.  These 4 Spruce hard points will get embedded into the foam & become part of the CS spar’s upper & lower wall.  Then both fuselage & engine mount arms will be bolted to the CS spar via these wood hard points.

I cut the BID glass for the INSIDE of the 3 pieces that make up the front CS spar wall.

I cut the UNI & BID for Step #4, which is where the aluminum extrusions for the CS spar get installed.

I took the rest of the night off.

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