Chap 19 – Left wing wrap up

Today I bondo’d the wing incident angle board to the top of the wing.

Chap 19 - Setting wing incident board

Since it’s only open a few days a week, I went to the wood shop on base to cut the shelves A, B & C for the Center Section (CS) Spar jig.

The CS spar is akin to a big beam that goes through the fuselage and sticks “straight” out each side of the fuselage at the aft end (where the rear square notches are in the fuselage).  The CS spar is what the wings bolt to (the “notch” in the wing above wraps around the end and aft side of the CS spar) via the aluminum extrusions.  It extends out away from the fuselage and ends at where you see the blue foam in the pic above, and is about as wide front-to-back, as from the front side of the shear web to front edge of the grey duct tape in the pic above.  It’s height is the same as the wing’s thickness. Essentially, it’s about a 10 ft long square box, about 6″ wide & 8″ high.

I took the angle brackets off the individual jigs & rotated the wing LE edge up on the table.  I then marked & cut the bottom glass of the BL 55.5 jut out.

Chap 19 - Left wing build

Chap 19 - Left wing build

Chap 19 - Left wing build

Chap 19 - Left wing build

I then laid the wing down flat again with the wing top up & routered out the BL 55.5 jut out are to 0.7″ deep.

Chap 19 - Glassing BL 55.5 ribI then stood the wing assembly back up & made some final preps for glassing the BL 55.5 rib tomorrow.

Chap 19 - Glassing BL 55.5 rib


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