Chap 8 – Headrest saga continues …

Today I cleaned up the layups on the headrest base piece and the GPS antenna shelf.

One issue I needed to address is that the front face of the headrest was a little off from straight vertically.  With the headrest on a flat surface, using a square I could clearly see that it was a few degrees less than 90°.  After a bit of head-scratching, I decided to simply add a few layers of BID to the front third of the headrest base, in a stepped fashion.

Base - Extra glass

As far as the antenna shelf, I added hard points for the front screws, but the rear screws are actually located right on the edge of the antenna shelf insert that I just glassed.  So I Dremeled out the foam in about a .6 inch diameter half circle for each point where the rear screws go through.  I mixed some flox up and poured it into my prepared foam edge hard points.  Since I had extra flox leftover, I filled in the remaining gaps around each of the 3 threaded inserts for the RAM ball mount.  You can see this in the pic below:

Headrest Base & Antenna Shelf


Stay tuned, much more to come . . .

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