Chap 8 – New Base “Lines”

Ah, yuk-yuk!

I remembered another “mundane” thing that I needed to do before I actually get to installing the hinges, and that is to finish the very bottom of the headrest by adding 1 ply of BID to the face of the base to cover all the exposed foam and to further connect the base piece to the headrest sidewalls at the aft half of the headrest base.

I started by cutting the foam out along the edges to create micro wedges to reinforce the corners.  Again, if this was a piece that I wanted to have higher structural integrity, I would be using flox.  But since I want to provide added strength at the corner edges while still keeping it as light as possible, I’ll be using micro.

I of course got over halfway through getting the micro into the angled troughs I had made when I thought about taking any pics of my progress.

Making Micro CornersSince I previously added a number of plies to the front half of the headrest base to get it to sit level, I will simply overlap the last ply of that previous layup with this piece of BID.

1-ply BID layupAfter wetting out the BID I of course trimmed the edges down to about a 1/4″.

Layup trimmedAnd as is my MO, I added peel ply.

Peel plySo here it is in its trimmed & completed glory.

Peel ply removed & all trimmed up And here’s a quick shot of the headrest up to this point.

Another quick mock-up

Now, I should seriously be able to get to the headrest hinges on my next build session!

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