Chapter 10 & 25 – A New Itch!

Seriously, I did a ton of sanding on the canard today to prep it for finish, and yeah, I got the itch!

I set up my gear & took the canard outside to sand that sucker!

Now, I will say that before I actually started sanding the canard, I spent about 2 hours  researching & documenting the nose install & nose wheel mounting .

Sanding Canard for finishSanding Canard for finish

Below is a pic of how much of a mess I made by sanding the top of the canard. The pic below shows it all clean & ready to got back into the shop.

Sanding Canard for finishCanard sanded for finish

Once back in the shop I whipped up a fresh batch of micro finish using West epoxy to apply to the bottom surface of the canard.  I’m starting back on the bottom side to blend in the newly added canard “swoosh” tips.

Micro finish applied to swoosh tipMicro finish applied to swoosh tip

Here’s the shots of the inside rib of each swoosh tip:

Micro finish applied to swoosh tipMicro finish applied to swoosh tip

Since I had time & micro finish on my hands after swabbing down the swoosh tips, I heated up the cup and applied the micro finish to the ice shields.

Micro finish applied to Ice Shields

A few hours later after the micro “greened” I cheese grated it.  All I have to say is Wow!  Since I waited about another 45 minutes from normal time (2-3 hours vs my 3.5-4 hours… obviously YMMV) to cheese grate this thing, it worked like a champ.  As you can see I got all the major bumps & grooves sanded out on these added canard tips.

Swoosh tip cheese grated

Swoosh tip cheese grated

And again, here’s the inside “swoosh” tip rib that also got micro’d & then cheese grated (both sides):

Inboard swoosh tip cheese gratedInboard swoosh tip cheese grated

Finally, since I was working with a ton of micro finish, I also finished the various small parts I have in the works such as the ice shields and the GPS antenna cover from atop the modified headrest.

Here is an example of cheese grating vs not cheese grating:

Cheese grating vs no cheese grating

And then when all are cheese grated:

Cheese grating wins!!


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