Chapter 10 – All Canard

I measured some scrap wood & cut 4 pieces for the canard mounting tabs/nutplate mounting supports and then mounted them to the canard jig base.

Chap 10 - NC-CLT install jigs' support posts I then took 2 pieces of scrap metal and drilled 3 holes into each using one of the NC-CLT mounting tabs as a template (so the 3 holes line up with the 3 bolt holes on the mounting tabs).

Chap 10 - Canard: Mounting tab install jig prepI then mounted the nutplate, canard mounting tab, bolts, and washers to the metal cross plate to mount to the nutplates.

Chap 10 - Dry run of NC-CLT mounting tabs install I dug out foam in the canard face so that the mounting tab nutplate would sit flush in the hole.  Note: Standard distance from canard CL to nutplate is BL 6.5, but I went with BL 6.8 because my F22 is 0.6″ wider than stock (22.2″ vs 21.6″).

Chap 10 - Foam prep for mounting tab nut plates I did a dry run to ensure everything was lining up correctly and that my jig mounting posts were the correct height.  It all looked good.

Chap 10 - Final dry run for mounting tabs installI micro’d in the nutplates (which were mounted to the steel cross templates and the mounting tabs) into the canard foam and then weighed the entire assemble down to ensure the nutplates sat flush with the foam.

Chap 10 - NC-CLT mounting tabs micro'd in placeChap 10 - NC-CLT mounting tabs micro'd in placeChap 10 - Mounting tabs micro'd/weighed in placeChap 10 - Mounting tabs micro'd/weighed in place After I had everything situated for the mounting tab nutplate install, I went to my downstairs shop and cut the UNI glass for the shear web.  I then pre-deployed the shear web to the garage.

After dinner I checked the micro left over in the cup.  It was still just a tad spongy, and the temp had dropped a bit, so I cranked up a couple heaters to warm things up a tad.


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