Chapter 11/13 – Fairing bottom glass

Today I started out by trimming and shaping the bottom foam surface of the elevator fairings.  I also aligned the elevation of both fairing bottom surfaces with their respective fuselage-side securing nubs.

I then trimmed and removed the foam from the aft approximate 0.4″ trailing edge of both fairings to allow for a glass-to-glass bond between the top and bottom fairing glass surfaces.

I also created a flox edge around the thread CAMLOC phenolic insert.  Here we have the left elevator fairing….

And the right side elevator fairing, prepped for glass.

The end result, as shown here on the left side fairing, was a glassed (with 2 plies of BID) and micro’d elevator fairing.  The right side of course looked pretty much the same.

Tomorrow I plan on working on glassing both the front fairing face, and the outboard side face as well. In addition, I plan on working on the instrument panel until I finally get that knocked out.

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