Chapter 11 – Coming to an end!

I mentioned that I had updated my electrical component placement plan for the nose.  I finished the final mods this morning and figured I would post it for you all to see.

Updated Nose Electrical Gear

I installed the 5/16″ bolts that I bought last night at Home Depot into the forward & aft fuselage cradles.

Fuselage tie-down strap

Here’s a shot of the front fuselage cradle bolted in place.

Saddle mount bolts

After using the Dremel tool on the elevator TE to clean off the foam & micro to ensure a good glass-to-glass bond, I applied foil tape to the bottom of the elevator and instead of Bondo I used 5-min glue to secure the elevator to the table.

5-min glue application on foil tape

I weighed down the elevator as the 5-minute glue cured.

Elevator 5-min glued to workbench

I re-vacuumed the top of the elevator after removing the sandbags and then whipped up some micro and applied it.

Elevator ready for glass

Elevator micro'd

Here’s a shot after I completed the 2-ply UNI layup.

Top of left elevator glassed

A close up shot to show how dry the layup is … can you tell?

Pretty dry layup!

After a couple of hours I applied dry micro to the TE and then covered the micro with a 1″ wide strip of peel ply.

Razor trimmed & TE micro'd

Tomorrow I plan on getting the outboard end glassed and also the outboard weight reattached.  After that, I’ll just need to clean out the hinge slots and holes and the left elevator will be complete!



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