Chapter 11- Elevators (& canard)

I started today by “razor” trimming the elevator edges using the Fein saw.  In doing so, I ensured that the Outboard edges & ends were square.

Chap 11 - Elevators

I removed the glass that had been laid up over the NC2 hinge slots.

I then cut some peel-n-stick sandpaper into approx 5/8″ strips and stuck them to the edge of one of the aluminum straight “boards”.

I sanded the elevators’ TE with the new sanding board, and then sanded the LE glass overlap.

I cut the foam at the Outboard ends around the edge of the glass to prep for flox corners. I made up some flox, for the edge channel, then I micro’d what small area was left on the ends of the elevators.

Chap 11 - Elevators

I glassed a 1-ply layup on the Outboard end of each elevator.  Then I took a break and went to see a movie.

Chap 11 - ElevatorsChap 11 - Elevators

When I returned from the movie, I knife trimmed around the edges of the elevator end layups.

I snapped a few pictures of the canard as well.

Chap 11 - CanardChap 10 - Canard

Below are a couple shots of the canard antenna leads:

Chap 10 - Canard antenna leadsChap 10 - Canard antenna leads

And finally, a shot of the fuselage, CS spar and wings in my climate controlled storage facility (yes, my dining room).

Fuselage, CS spar and wings stored



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