Chapter 13/14/19 – Nose, and Wing Bolts

I started off tonight with some layups to get something curing right off the bat.  I cut and pre-pregged 4 sets of 2-ply BID for the front side of the 4 CAMLOC tabs that will secure the front side of the aft nose/avionics cover.

After I laid up the BID I peel plied it.

Here’s a couple shots looking aft at the right side and left side pairs of CAMLOC tabs.

My next goal for the evening was to get the inboard wing bolt brackets made up to allow me to install the inboard wing bolts from inside the CS spar facing out and aft, just opposite of how they are installed per plans.  Again, with all the wing bolts secured inside the CS spar facing aft it will make it much easier to put the wings on and take them off during the duration of the build.

I started by trimming and cleaning up the U-channel brackets.

I then set them in place on the bolts (they fit snugly) with the bolts facing in backwards (aka “per original plans”).  I then marked a centerline on both the brackets and the CS spar aft wall.

You can see both the centerline and the bracket-securing screw holes on the left inboard bolt hole (I moved the screw hole up slightly on the top).

I then drilled the bracket-securing screw holes and riveted 2x K1000-3 nutplates onto the left bracket.

I then installed the left side AN8-23A inboard wing bolt and the securing bracket inside the CS spar.

I then repeated the same process for the right side.  Here we have the bracket centerline marked and aligned with the centerline mark on the aft side of the CS spar.  I then secured the bracket with duct tape and drilled the smaller starter holes (bracket starter holes were drilled with it off the CS spar).

I then drilled out the holes to #10 and installed the K1000-3 nutplates.

And installed the right inboard wing bolt from inside the CS spar facing out and aft.

With a 1/8″ thick 2024 plate that’s embedded into the interior wall of the CS spar as part of the inboard wing bolt hard point, it makes it so the bracket is angled slightly when mounted over (and securing) the inboard wing bolt and screwed into place.

Here’s a shot of both inboard wing bolts mounted inside the CS spar facing aft (again, this is a mod to the original plans).

By this point in the evening the layups on the nose CAMLOC tabs had cured, so I pulled the peel ply and did a quick knife trim on the layups.

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