Chapter 13 & 17 – More Alodining

Along with the nose gear strut attach plate (NG5), I Alodined a 2.7″ long x 1″ diameter tube that I just received from my buddy Marco.  He was nice enough to cut & cross hatch this piece of 6061 aluminum for me as a replacement for a slightly corroded 4130 tube piece that had been attached to my Davenport leaf spring.  This short tube slides over and is attached to the elevator torque cross tube, so when the pitch trim actuator arm extends or retracts it moves the narrow end of the leaf spring either fore or aft, thus rotating the elevator torque cross tube, in turn adjusting the elevators slightly up or down to trim out the airplane.

Chap 13 - NG5 & Chap 17 - Elevator attach tubeChap 13 - NG5 & Chap 17 - Elevator attach tube

I also did some research on autopilots, specifically checking out the Trio autopilot models. I also built a couple of cardboard & duct tape mockups for the Garmin GNS430W GPS & Trio Gold Standard servo.  I played around with the position of those components for a while in the avionics bay behind the instrument panel.


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