Chapter 16 – Right Rear Armrest

I really didn’t do too much today since I was busy prepping for my upcoming move.  I started out finishing up on the Right rear armrest console.  I razor trimmed & sanded the edges, and then I pulled the peel ply.

Chap 16 - Right rear armrest

Chap 16 - Right rear armrest

After I pulled the peel ply off I inspected the layup.  It looked pretty good & I was happy with my repair actions.

Chap 16 - Right rear armrestChap 16 - Right rear armrest

Since it all looked good, I went ahead and popped the armrest off its 2×4 wood perch.

Chap 16 - Right rear armrest

Clearly I have a few bondo blobs to clean up.

After cleaning up a little bit in the garage, I then went inside the house & spent an hour or so mocking up my instrument panel & figuring out some of my avionics, etc.

Chap 22 - Instrument panel mockupChap 22 - Instrument panel mockup



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