Chapter 13/19/24 – Prepping for finishing

I started out the day adding yet another ply of BID to what was the delam on the outboard bottom side of the right wing.  The delam is now gone, but I still have a bit of a depression from all the foam that was removed along with the micro and glass when it delaminated.

I had peel plied the layup and thought I took a pic of it, but only had this shot much later in the evening when I removed the peel ply.  Still, I’ll be adding at least one more ply of BID to this repaired delam to get the divot to an acceptably filled in level as compared to the surrounding wing surface.

I then glassed the nose wheel well front wall foam extensions (about 1/4″ deep) with 2-ply BID layups over dry micro fillets on the bottom and inboard edges.  You may also note the micro I filled in on areas down the nose gear strut channel.

Tomorrow I plan on trimming the overhanging glass and then creating small flox edges front and aft as I lay up a ply of BID on the top of each of these foam extensions.

Moving on.

Part of my laundry list of tasks to complete before the bird gets flipped back upright was the front face of the F28 bulkhead.  If you recall, I poured this foam when the fuselage was vertical while I was flipping it inverted.

This task is actually a recent add to my to-do list, when I realized that it would save a lot of cleanup from all the foam and dust from going into the airplane if I simply did all the work now.  Thus, I first took a standard wood saw and cut off the initial majority of the foam.

I then took about 20 minutes to shape and sand the foam flush on the face of F28 (pic #1).

I then traced out a quick cardboard template to allow me to cut the single ply of BID I then laid up on the face of F28, after applying micro to the foam of course.

I then wetted out the BID (pic #1).

And then peel plied it (pic #2).

I then spent a good hour cleaning up and organizing the shop and clearing off a bunch of stuff from the strakes and wings in prep to sand the plane’s bottom glass surfaces for micro.

I then sanded a good bit of the bottom left fuselage in prep for micro finishing.  But it was late so I called it a night before finishing the other side.

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