Chapter 13 /22 – Baby steps . . .

Is all I got done today.

Between some more much needed cleanup/decluttering/prepping for my weekend guest… and having my little munchkin-buddy over for a few hours catching critters and dismantling my initial test pour-foam in a cup (foam cellular structure looked great btw), I didn’t get a whole lot accomplished today.  I called in a couple hours earlier than I normally do and just took it easy.

I did get the fuselage flipped around in the shop, so now it’s positioned nose out.  This to get ready for the upcoming wings-mounting endeavor as a precursor to the strake build.

I also seated, test-fitted and then marked my prototype nose hatch hinge bracket to assess the gap I need for the hinges on each side.  I then marked those and plan to widen them tomorrow.

My little buddy helped me add duct tape to the back of test panel #3 and then temp install it for yet another panel test fit.  I already see a couple minor tweak points (not worthy of a whole new test panel cut btw) but still need to sit in the cockpit to assess fit before going final with the real 0.090″ thick 6061 instrument panel cutting.

I also spent a good 45 min drilling out the ball oiler fittings on the mill’s saddle (X and Y axes’ junction cross-slide) to then tap them to accept the threaded tubing quick-connect fittings.

Below I installed a couple of the tubing quick-connect fittings on the front of the saddle as an example of how these will be installed.

There will be 2 fittings on the front, 2 on the back, and one on each side for a total of 6, on the saddle alone.  Add that to the 2 on the column/Z-slide for a grand total of 8 ports for injecting oil onto the ways and gibs from the One-shot oiler reservoir.

Of course I’m trying to knock out as much as I can on the build, but over the next few days (after tomorrow) my progress will most likely be slim to none.

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