Chapter 13/22 – Tweaking hinges

Today was more of a planning day vs. a work day.

I did get a few hours of work in on the milling machine CNC control box backplate for mounting components (power supplies, motor controllers, etc.) into it.

I also assessed the hinges and hinge assembly on the front nose hatch.  After doing some mental and cardboard mockups on the hinges’ configuration, I determined that the aft tip (right end below) needed to be around 20ºish degrees/1″ higher to interface with the hatch door interior surface at the appropriate angle.

The upper hinge is the one I tweaked the aft attach portion angle.  You can tell the difference by focusing on the 2 small holes: parallel with edge on previous version, and at an angle on latest mod.

In addition to getting the hinge tweaked in Fusion 360 CAD and 3D printed, I also updated the instrument panel CAD drawing to its latest edition.  Should be very close to being ready to go final on that SOON.

I plan to focus on the nose and some on finishing the canopy once I get the Scratch-Off canopy cleaner from VANs (to remove build scratches & blemishes).  In addition, I will be putting a decent bit of time in on getting the milling machine up and running.


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