Chapter 13 – By a nose…

Today was all about packing up for my next load down to North Carolina, but I of course had to see how the nose turned out.

I spent about 15 minutes pulling peel ply and cleaning up the nose.  The layups looked good without any issues.

I then carefully cut the perimeter of the aft side of the nose hatch door, but apparently not as carefully as the front half because I broke through on about 4″ on the right side.  When I glass the underside BID tapes on the right I’ll simply add a ply and extend up underneath the flange.  In fact, although I won’t add an extra ply, I’ll do the same on the aft side and the left side.

I then marked up the raw glass flange for a trim.

And then trimmed the aft side flange up with the Fein saw.  I may not have pointed it out when I discussed the flange layup on the aft half of the nose hatch door, but part of that layup was an extension of the flange across the Napster bulkhead forward.  These flange extensions turned out nicely, and later I’ll bridge the aft flange extensions to the forward side flange to make it all one solid flange around the entire perimeter of the nose hatch opening.

I then grabbed a quick side view.  A few hours later I went down to the shop to grab something, and decided to take about 15 minutes to clean up the peel ply boogers and edges from the battery compartment BID tape layups, so those are all clean and spiffy now as well.

I don’t have any other major build actions scheduled although tomorrow I do plan on at least roughly cutting out the remaining blue foam for the canopy.  I have quite a bit on hand and want to get a decent idea of what to leave behind since the rest is going down to NC.


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