Chapter 13 – Details

Today was a slow day for the build, as far as construction.  I spent most of the day watching football while researching a myriad of topics on my nose electrical system components.  Of course research always tends to involve going down a number of rabbit holes and finding other pertinent & helpful pieces of information.

As for my assessment of the electrical nose components in the battery compartment area, I  confirmed the wiring for all the devices and updated my diagram.  At this point I’m about 90% sure that I’ll be mounting the battery buss, and all its associated wiring, on the aft side of the F1-3 bulkhead (Napster) just to the right of the NG30 uprights.

Battery Compartment Electrical

One of the rabbit holes I went down is with the landing and taxi light wiring.  I printed out a fresh copy of my wiring diagram and realized first off that it needed to be updated, but also that I need to figure out the correct circuitry and switchology for the lights, and worked on that for a while.

As the evening wore on, I decided to take a break from the trying to figure out electrical system stuff and get some epoxy curing in the garage.

I sanded down the brake line fittings mini-bulkheads.  I then drilled out the center of the mini-bulkheads and then cut and sanded down the edges of the hexagon shaped holes.

Cured & sanded left mini-bulkhead

Cured & sanded left mini-bulkhead

I sanded down the sides of the union fittings with 120 grit paper to prep the surfaces for flox.

Unions ready to install

I then floxed the union fittings into place into each mini-bulkhead.

Left brake line Union floxed in placeRight brake line Union floxed in place

I went back upstairs and did a bit more research on my electrical stuff before calling it a night.

Tomorrow I’ll try to finish up all my detailed prep tasks and start cutting some foam for the nose battery compartment area.



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