Chapter 13 – Happy Thanksgiving!

Here’s a couple of shots of the F1-3 bulkhead (“Napster”) attached to the NG30 nose gear box without the clamps.

Napster bulkhead attachedNapster bulkhead attached

After prepping the prepreg setups for the inboard NG30 uprights-to-Napster BID tapes, I then mixed up some more epoxy with fast hardener for laying up the inboard (NG30 uprights) BID tapes.

Prepregged BID tapesNapster BID tapes

Below are shots of the flox fillets and the laid up BID tapes for the inboard BID tapes.

Inboard Napster flox

Napster BID tapes laid up

Here’s a shot of the final layup for the inboard BID tapes.

Inboard NG1-3 BID tapes

After laying the inboard NG30 BID tapes, I turned my sights on mounting the nose gear strut to the NG6B nose gear pivot.

Permanent strut mount to NG6B

I slathered on a bunch of flox all over the mating parts, then permanently screwed the NG5 (top) plate to the nose great strut and NG6B pivot assembly (bottom).

NG6B flox/screwed to gear strut

Although a little late for Halloween, this is a shot of “Scary Napster”.

Scary Napster!

Tomorrow I’ll be working both the elevators and the nose build.



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