Chapter 13 – Slow n’ Steady

I started out today trying to lock down a bunch of hardware for the plane build.  It took a while to research some of the items –about 3 hours total– but I found a number of the items I was looking for and started compiling various orders for Aircraft Spruce, Mouser, etc.

I then went to the shop and pulled the peel ply from last night’s layup on inside of the front cover face.  I cleaned up peel ply boogers and a few rough glass edges.

Glassed phenolic insert

I then set about to add the second microswitch (for the gear up/down alarm) to the gear actuator housing.  I pulled one of the screws from the current microswitch and when I went to put in a longer screw it was then that I realized that the set of screws I just ordered where the wrong size!

Missing a MicroSwitch!

Here are the incorrect screws shown with the CORRECT microswitch.  Well, it looks like there’s a bit more research in my future!


Then, as if things weren’t pissy enough, I found that Napster stole the Christmas tie that I was making for my buddy Greg!  Ha!

Stolen Tie

So with the adding of the microswitch to the gear actuator assembly a total bust, I pressed forward with glassing the sides of the NG30 cover.  With the initial sides glassed with only one ply of BID, the sides are sunken inwards a bit.  So before I glassed the sides I wanted them set out about 0.050″ each side so that they would likely set a little straighter.  I cut 4 popsicle sticks to 3.67″ to make the outboard side-to-side measurement just over 3.7″.  Even if they cured a little bowed out that would be much better than sunken inwards.

Spacers installed

Since there’s a bit of a gap at the cover’s bottom edge dogleg and the NG30’s dogleg on the left side, I wanted the glass to overhang the edge so I could cut it to the correct length after it cured,

Left side prep for glass

Here’s the left side glassed with 2 plies of BID, and after the peel ply was pulled & it was razor trimmed.

Left side after 2-ply BID layup

To extend the glass lower on the right hand side I cut a foam extension & glued it in place with 5-min epoxy.

Right side prep for glass

Here’s a shot of the right-side foam extension glued into place.  After it cured I sanded it to  ensure it was level with the existing outboard side glass surface.

Foam extension 5-min in place

I then laid up 2-plies of BID and peel plied it.

Right side after 2-ply BID layup

I overestimated the amount of epoxy required for my right side layup, so I had a fair amount  left over.  I grabbed a piece of 1/4″ thick PVC foam and glassed it with 2 plies of BID and then peel plied it.  This piece will serve as the lower of two draft plates to keep the cold air out.

Lower draft plate: "Tuning Fork"

Tomorrow I’ll work to finish up the NG30 aft cover: glass top inner BID tapes, nutplates, mounting tabs, etc.


One thought on “Chapter 13 – Slow n’ Steady

  1. Hello Wade. I like your cover and really like your recess for your electrical connector. I was planning on building a cover also. After seeing how you are building yours I used my hindsight powers to realize I could have made most of the cover by extending the NG30s up around the actuator and had most of the job done. Gotta hate hindsight.

    Keep on inspiring us :-)

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