Chapter 13 – Tidying up

I started off today by removing the plastic & peel ply from ‘Ugly Layup #2’ on the aft screw posts for the NG30 aft cover mounting tabs.

I razor trimmed the glass & then sanded it some to clean it up.  A couple of trial runs mounting the cover & I was able to lock in the shapes & removed any obstacles that were keeping the cover from mounting correctly.  I also re-drilled the holes through the glass for screw access.

Finished aft NG30 screw postsFinished aft NG30 screw posts

I then turned my sights on the diminutive forward NG30 cover.  I marked the edge at 0.3″ in width for trimming.

NG30 forward cover marked for cutting

I then trimmed & sanded the forward NG30 cover and set it in place to see how it looked. Of course this was an iterative process so I set it in place umpteen times actually before this final pic.

NG30 forward cut & sanded to fit

And a shot from above.

NG30 forward cut & sanded to fit

I then started on the right nose side wall to get it cut to shape and in place for glassing.  The pic below shows the first cut, which is the bottom.  I had already sanded the aft edge to shape with my sanding board.

Nose right foam side wall

I then cut the front edge with the jig saw.

Cutting to fit right foam side wall

I then spent about a half hour with literally blood, sweat, and almost tears in sanding the dished out area on the right nose side wall.

Dishing out foam side wall

I also scrounged up a wedge piece for the huge gap on the north side of my left side wall. You may have noticed I didn’t have this issue on the right side wall since I was very conservative with my angles starting out and slowly tweaked the angles to get it to fit nice and snug.

Left sidewall wedge filler

Again, here’s an outboard shot of the right sidewall.

Right nose sidewall cut to fit

And a shot of the nose with both sidewall pieces set in position.

Left & right nose sidewalls mocked up

I had planned on doing a bit more, but my buddy Greg stopped by for one last visit of 2015.  Since he won’t be back until early January, we hung out for a couple hours & I then called it a night.  Although admittedly, “calling it a night,” entailed another 2 hours looking at every facet of my brake line system to lock in the final design and get the parts I need on order.



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