Chapter 15/23 – Firewall hole fill

Again, today was a short build day given Jess and I spent the afternoon and evening up in New Bern to celebrate Valentine’s Day.

I still wanted to get something noteworthy done, so I drilled the 7/8″ hole in the firewall below the big yellow starter cable and the ground cable positions for the new mounting spot of the Blue Sea Bulkhead pass-thru for the alternator’s B-lead.

I then test fit the Blue Sea bulkhead pass-thru to ensure it fit.

After leveling the bulkhead pass-thru, I then marked and drilled its 2 mounting bolt holes and test fit those.

Finally, I plugged the old Blue Sea bulkhead pass-thru hole with a circular plug I cut out of scrap 1/4″ Birch plywood (same as firewall) with my 1″ hole saw… and floxed it into place and glassed it on both sides of the firewall.  I then of course peel plied the layups.

Tomorrow I plan to drill and install the throttle cable firewall pass-thru as well as start machining the mixture cable bracket.

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