Chapter 16/19 – Aileron control tubes

This post actually covers the last couple of days.  I started by determining the lengths required of the outboard segments of the CS125 & CS126 aileron control tubes’ quick disconnects.

I cut the right outboard segment of the CS126 aileron control tube quick disconnect.  I then riveted the quick disconnect rod piece into the inboard side of the outboard CS126 segment.

Since I have a 1.25″ wide lower engine mount extrusion vs. the plans 1″ wide engine mount extrusion, which limits the rightward travel of the CS124 firewall aileron control tube pivot, I started installing the aileron control tube on the right side.  I’ll note I had to make a small notch ~1/8″ in CS124 and in the engine mount extrusion ~3/16″ to allow clearance for a decent rightward travel of CS124.  Even with that, I had to offset my CS124 to the left about 0.2″ at 0° ailerons just to get enough total travel to the right.

Here we have the CS126 right aileron control tube connected to the CS128 bell crank, hitting the limit stop, with the aileron up travel exactly at 20°… you can’t ask for much better than that!

A wide angle view of what I referenced above: CS126 right aileron control tube connected to the CS128 bell crank, hitting the limit stop, with the aileron up travel at exactly 20°.

I then connected up the left side aileron control tube CS125 to the firewall pivot CS124 and verified that it too was hitting the proper up/down travel angles.  I then drilled out and mounted the quick disconnect pins and —since I prefer an extra margin of safety— AN3 bolts, one for each side quick disconnect assembly.

Here’s a closer view of the left and right aileron control tubes’ quick disconnects.

I’ll note that the reason i’m working the aileron control tubes now is that as soon as the strake tops are glassed I will then pull the ailerons to have full access to the respective WPRP reference points to measure out the winglet critical dimensions to install them on the wings.

I am happy to report that I got my roll of UNI glass delivered late this afternoon.  Tomorrow I plan to first finalize the aileron control rigging by drilling a hole through CS121 & CS122 to connect the ailerons to the control sticks.  Then I plan on glassing at least one, if not both, strake tops to finish those off.

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