Chapter 16/22/25 – Oil, Heat & Paint!

Here’s the “finished” clear coated left front armrest after it cured… set in place to see how she looks.  If you look closely in front of the seatbelt opening you can see a dark spot: this is where some type of fibrous plant nodule decided to attach itself to the just clear-coated armrest as I had it outside for my paint ops.

Just after I grabbed this pic below I blasted that blemish area with some more gray granite paint.  Tomorrow I’ll cover that with clear again and press forward (always something… ha!).

Since my throttle and mixture levers are labeled on the throttle quadrant, I figured I would follow suite for my throttle/mixture friction lock and label it as well on the armrest.  Just to set it apart a bit I used white in reverse of the color scheme on the quadrant (white lettering).

In between all the final painting, labeling and clear coating today, I finished wiring the Oil Heat Sub-panel.  In lieu of pics and written words I decided to simply make a quick video to show what shenanigans I’ve been up to on this thing.  Tomorrow I plan to install the sub-panel once the clear coat is cured on the left front armrest.

I do plan to find the best spot for the aft microswitch on the throttle quadrant and then install it before remounting the throttle quadrant in place.  With the front throttle quadrant in place I’ll then start working on installing the GIB throttle quadrant.

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