Chapter 16/23 – Sidewall cable mount

Between hardware runs, fixing a rock chip on my windshield, and spending well over 2 hours on the phone with GoDaddy regarding pic uploading, then the subsequent reloading of my plugins and setting my WordPress portal back to normal, I didn’t get nearly all that I planned on doing completed in the shop.

I was able to complete one notable task however, and spent a good couple of hours making up the sidewall throttle(s) and mixture cable securing bracket.  I kicked around the idea of using either 1/8″ or 1/4″ phenolic but had nearly the perfect sized scraps of the 1/4″ Finnish Birch “firewall” plywood so decided to tip my hat to our wood & fiberglass birds and go ‘ol school here.

I did use 1/16″ G10 as the mounting base to the sidewall simply because it facilitated my process of building and installing this thing somewhat in situ.

With the Swiss cheese holes to help secure it to the sidewall with flox plugs, I plan on having the cables mounted in the bracket during phase 1 of this bracket install to ensure that the cable to quadrant alignment is as spot-on as possible.

I used smallish #6 stainless steel CS screws to hold this thing together as a cheating mechanism as I first floxed the the wood pieces of the bracket together, then immediately floxed and screwed the wood portion of the bracket to the G10.

I then set it aside to cure for a few hours with the plan having been to flox and glass it into the cabin in the late afternoon/early evening.

Another minor task I knocked out just prior to heading out to the shop to work on the above bracket was widening the GIB seatback bulkhead cable protector by 0.030″ before 3D printing the new part.

Tomorrow should be quite the full day as I intend to get the sidewall cable securing bracket installed and a new pilot quadrant throttle handle lever design complete and machined.

Pressing forward ( …slowly).

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