Chapter 23 – Cable mount mounted

Today I got the throttle & mixture cables’ bracket that I made up yesterday floxed and glassed into place —with a ply of BID all around— onto the pilot seat left sidewall.

Before applying any flox or laying up any glass, I connected up the cables to the throttle and mixture levers on the quadrant to get the best alignment possible for the cables.  I then taped up the cables to protect them from any errant epoxy.

Jumping ahead to later in the evening, I pulled the tape from the cables and the peel ply from the layup.

I’ll note that before I headed out to the shop this morning to mount the cable bracket, I kicked off a multi-hour 3D print to create a prototype of the throttle handle/lever cable guide.

In the evening, as the cable mount flox and BID layups cured, I machined the throttle handle lever on the milling machine.

Here’s the end result.  I made a video of most of it and will work on editing it tonight and should have it posted tomorrow sometime.

And with that, I called it a NIGHT!

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