Chapter 16 – CS118 Bracket Install

Today I started out by knife trimming the CS118 control system mounting bracket.  I then pulled the peel ply, sanded the edges, and cleaned up the peel ply goobers & glass.  I then redrilled the #12 holes through the glass so I could reinsert the control system tube & bearing assembly.  The control tube fit between the aft CS118 bracket & the front CS109 bracket seemed pert near perfect.

Chap 16 - CS118 bracket installChap 16 - CS118 bracket install

I then reinstalled the Right rear armrest to test fit & finish.  It too seemed to fit just right.

Chap 16 - CS118 bracket installChap 16 - CS118 bracket installAs it’s finally acting like Summer here in Germany, it brings with it something we’re normally not unaccustomed to in the States: very late sunsets.  Here’s the sun setting last night at around 1030 pm while I was out on my back patio updating my builder’s log.

Germany at ~1030 pm at "night"




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