Chapter 18/22 – Tech: Back in Black

This post is pretty much all videos . . .

The biggest news of the day is that I finally got my plasma cutter operational again.  It took a fair bit of machinations to make it happen, but it is cutting at a very acceptable level now.

So much so that after the initial test cut was successful, I dove right into cutting test instrument panel #2.  Here’s the video of the panel being cut.

With the new test panel on hand, I then finished an ongoing series of videos that originally covered both the panel and the canopy latch handle, but the resulting video would have been way too long to stuff into one video, so I broke them up.

Here’s the video on the instrument panel, including the one I just plasma cut:

The canopy latch handle progression really comes down to this one critical part at its core: the triangular interconnecting piece.  I snapped this shot to show just a few of the iterations it’s already gone through in just a couple of weeks.

And finally, here’s a video recounting the evolution of my canopy latch handle.

And after a long night of video editing, I’ll bid you adieu!

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