Chapter 18 – Good as it gets: part 2

I started off today spending about 45 minutes sanding the micro I applied to spots on the front canopy lip.

I had embedded some nutplates under the interior canopy skin, so I also drilled those out to make them functional.

I then got to work on the line of flocro that I placed under the left edge of the canopy to straighten out and help fill in the gaps of my “B” canopy seal.  It was still a bit rough when I finished, and I need to do some more work on it as I dial in the “B” seal fitting.

With my extra micro from the layup last night, I also filled in the holes and divots on the canopy cross brace piece… especially both ends where it meets the canopy frame.  I then sanded them today.

After all my tasks were done on the canopy, I remounted it on the fuselage.  Here’s the left side after I redid the edge.

And a look down the line. Much, much better than before.  Not perfect, but a heck of a lot better!

Left side BEFORE:

And the reworked right side as well.

And another close-up view down the line.  Again, a LOT better than before.

Right side BEFORE:

I also reinstalled the canopy latch system & handle and messed around with that for a little bit.  It gave me enough data to tweak the CAD file for the triangular interconnect piece and then reprint another one.

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