Chapter 18/25 – Canopy tape removed

Yes, getting back on the plane build has been a lot longer in coming than I had planned.  Between getting some much needed house repairs knocked out, prepping the boat/initial boating season shake down cruise (a must here!), some family drama (not mine!) and a final summer mini-vacay down to Florida before hopping back into things, it’s been a busy spring/summer thus far . . .  to say the least!

My first task back in the shop was to get something knocked out that’s been nagging me in the back of my brain for a good bit . . .

I wanted to get the painting edge tape removed from the canopy to ensure it didn’t get too emotionally —moreover physically!— attached to the canopy.  Also I wanted to ensure no major paint blobs had decided to take up residency on the edge of the canopy.

Thankfully with a little coaxing the tape came right off.

I then spent about 20 minutes cleaning up the small bits of tape left on the edge and any minor paint seepages that wicked up onto the canopy (maybe 3/16″ high at the most) with the very careful use of a razor blade.

I’m very happy that I had no unpleasant surprises regarding the canopy.  I’ll point out that this paint job on the canopy is not the final one… actually most of it will be sanded off and I’ll be shooting paint for the final topside paint (including all the white paint on the bird).

Next I’ll focus on some more maintenance items such as battery and IBBS charging, as well as swapping out the desiccant plugs in the engine.

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