Chapter 18 – Canopy front skirt

I’m dealing with a repair issue on my truck that took up a number of hours both yesterday and today, so I didn’t get as much shop work in as I would have liked on the canopy today.  I did get a few hours in though.

I started by cutting the glare shield’s aft edge trim/seal to length.  I also tapered the ends so that it flows in nicely at the outboard edges.

[Note the very outboard edge of the glare shield that is situated immediately over the longeron, this is discussed below].

Here’s a shot of the right side cut/tapered aft edge trim/seal of the glare shield.

I then covered the trim/seal with painters tape to protect it from getting gummed up by the duct tape.

I then applied a couple layers of protective duct tape over the glare shield.  After I got the tape on I realized I hadn’t (re)trimmed the very outboard edges of the aft nose cover, along side the glare shield.  These ends are immediately over the longerons and for the canopy frame to be shaped properly they needed to be trimmed in width . . . or at least very close to their final width.

So I peeled back the tape on each side and, using the Fein saw, trimmed off about 0.1″ of the very outboard edge of the glare shield in between the taped in 1/8″ aluminum spacer for the canopy and the aft outboard edge of the Balsa wood on the aft nose cover (no pics on this trimming).

I then laid the tape back down in place.

A side shot of the taped up glare shield…. with the aft edge trim/seal in place.

I then spent about 45 minutes measuring and shaping a block of foam for the center section of the canopy front skirt.  I’ll get a shot of that tomorrow with the plan being to finish up the canopy skirt/frame foam, and then get the canopy frame shaped and glassed.


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