Chapter 18 – Canopy Wrap-Up

I started off today spending well over 2 hours finishing up the scratch removal/mitigation along the interior edge of the canopy where it meets the glass frame.  I also did one more step in the buffing out process along the interior perimeter of the canopy (approx. 6″ from frame).

I then gave the canopy lip a really good sanding with 220 grit paper, then wet sanded it with 320 grit… which really dialed it in.

I then assessed my Metal Glaze hardener and realized that the bottom part of the tube probably had usable hardener.  I snipped a corner off and tried it out.  Worked a treat and the glaze was rock solid in just a few minutes, so I used it on the canopy lip.  A bit later I realized I needed it in a few more spots so I whipped up another mini-batch and applied it to those spots.

About a half later I got to work on the Metal Glaze spots.  I used 100 grit sandpaper to knock down the majority of the applied Metal Glaze before switching to 220 grit paper.  After a bit (~45 min) of sanding with the 220 the lip is ready to go…. smooth as silk!

I need to re-tape up a good portion of the canopy for both painting the canopy frame, but the lip will get shot first.  Since it’s late I’ll do all that tomorrow.

I’ve been remiss in doing this next task, and should have gotten it done a day or two ago since it impacts the interior canopy frame painting.  I glassed 2 plies of BID to the aft lower edges of the canopy to allow me to create a nice transition from the added glass to each side frame, up around the aft “corner” of the canopy and the turtle deck.

Tomorrow the first task will be to do some Dremel work on the inside edge of the original canopy frame, add in a flox fillet and then glass 2 plies of BID from the inside onto each of these layups below.

I’m planning to be focused solely on the canopy starting in the morning.  With the scratch removal finished, I think I can finish the day tomorrow with the interior canopy frame at least painted… possibly even painted AND clear coated.


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