Chapter 18 – Cheating 101

After returning back from North Carolina this evening I wanted to get at least a couple things knocked off the to-do list.

Since it was past 8 pm by the time I got into the shop I felt I should get the noisy stuff out of the way first.  I grabbed the Dremel tool and ground down & shaped the rather grotesque welds I had made to hold the canopy gas strut mounting tab to the roll bar support tube.

Here’s the aft side (sorry for the blurriness, I loaded these after I was done applying metal glaze….) and the front side of the gas strut mounting tab, with my grinding job visible.

Then, with Metal Glaze, I slathered up the welds, transitions, and marks made to clear the paint off of the tubing for the original welding.

I was still settling in from my trip, which included baking another batch of desiccant to re-energize it for the engine dehydrator system.  By the time I had a good window of time to glass the canopy front skirt, it was a bit late.  Tired from my trip I decided to simply prep the glare shield with tape to knock out the layup and hit it hard tomorrow.

Tomorrow I plan to continue with the canopy build to get it and the nose build as far along as possible before I put the fuselage on a trailer next week to haul it down to NC.


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