Chapter 18 – Mods kill us!

Not literally (hopefully…) but definitely as time-busts!

I started out today securing a gallon of MGS 285 epoxy with 2 quarts of slow hardener… so the day began well.

Since it’s been about a year since I moved down here to NC, I have annual stuff coming due like my truck’s registration, etc.  For that, I ran around some today to go get some new tires and safety inspection in order to renew my tags.

I also stopped off and picked up another can of Bondo (builder’s bog).

Upon returning home mid afternoon, I tweaked the Fusion 360 drawing of the Canopy Latch connecting plate.

And then 3D printed it.

I spent a good 45 minutes in the cockpit working over details of the canopy latch and decided it needed yet another minor (or possible a BIG?!) mod.

I tweaked it yet again in Fusion 360 and printed that mod (I didn’t post a pic of the canopy handle because it looks pretty much as before).


This next round was more like an hour in the cockpit assessing the intricate workings of the canopy latch handle.  I think I had a “Eureka” moment or two that I’ll share soon in a video:  Essentially my statement in the last video about this attachment plate not being able to pivot is playing out to be true.

I need a better latch configuration that will allow me to both OPEN and CLOSE the latch in equally acceptable operations.  I can see with the current configuration that I can tweak to an acceptable point on the unlocking & opening of the canopy, but not the locking and/or keeping the canopy closed.

More to come.

I then broke out my new can of Bondo to place the front and aft attach points to the canopy frame to begin prep for canopy removal.  I actually don’t like using Bondo much: the smell and cleanup are both not great, but it sure does do a good job at holding stuff together!

And here’s the aft canopy frame attach point.

Yes, figuring out the canopy latch is proving to be a bit of a time bust, but it will be worth it in the end.  I’ll just keep pressing forward as much as I can every day.


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