Chapter 18 – Upper latches done

I didn’t get a lot of shop time in today. I was up late last night and yesterday’s blog post was a biggun!

However, what I did do was very significant and a huge milestone for my Long-EZ build. I finally extricated that darn broken drill bit from the forward bolt hole of the #3 canopy C8 bracket hardpoint.

It took nearly an hour total using the Dremel tool with a very tiny ball cutter bit. Almost what a dentist would use for drilling a cavity. Regardless, I finally got it without too much destruction, other than an oversized hole.

I filled the hole with flox and then went about installing C8 #3 using AN3 bolts.

Of course to first get the proper length bolts I had to sit in the back seat with my Dremel tool and carve away the semi-circular, half-moon notches (both in height and circumference). I also had to allow for getting a wrench and/or socket around the bolt heads to tighten them.

In the end, to get the length just right on the bolts I needed to add a thin washer to each one.

Here’s the final product. Not bad!

With this being an oversized, non-plans, one-off canopy I’m very pleased that the hard points have lined up as required this far.

Tomorrow I plan on hitting it hard again all day long, primarily on the canopy. I will also try to finish installing the last CAMLOC assembly on the left wheel pant.

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