Chapter 19/21 – More Strake Prep

I got back home from Greensboro at nearly 7pm tonight, and spent a bit unloading the vehicle and getting situated.

I wanted to get a good 2-3 hours in on the build tonight, and started with pulling the peel ply on the left wing tip leading edge repair layups.  I did a quick razor trim and also cleaned up the peel ply edges a bit.  It looks good and I’m happy with the repair… task complete.

I then got busy on the strake outboard ribs.  I pulled the peel ply from the 1-ply BID layups and razor trimmed the edges.

I then added some micro to the foam seams and laid up another ply of BID on the other sides of the strake outboard ribs.

I then spent nearly an hour and a half pulling the peel ply from the aft flange –both top and bottom– of the right strake prefab leading edge assembly.

As on the left prefab strake leading edge assembly, the peel ply ended up being under the foam by about 1/4″ and needed extracting.  This doesn’t leave the foam edge in an overly attractive state, but since the hard epoxy edge needed to come off anyway, it’s not that much more destructive to remove the peel ply from underneath it as well.

I then spent about 30 minutes cleaning up some more bondo off both the left and right wings.

Tomorrow I plan on focusing primarily on the strake components prep to allow me to then trial assemble all the parts and check fit and configuration.


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