Chapter 19 – Last Wing Spar Cap!

Today I started my last spar cap that I will do on these wings!

I refurbished the epoxy runoffs/downspouts/epoxy recycling assemblies.

I also pre-cut my 3″ UNI tape lengths for laying up in the spar cap trough.

Chap 19 - Spar cap prep

I used a baggy to apply the micro to the edges of the spar cap trough, using the cake-icing method.  I then applied epoxy, again with just a dash of flox mixed in, to the shear web surface.

I laid up the spar cap & then peel plied it.  I also did a rough knife cut on each end.

After it cured for a few hours I pulled off the protective tape & plastic.  By the time I pulled all the tape & plastic off, I was able to rip the peel ply off as well.

I also knocked the dam off.

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