Chapter 19 – Spar cap/skin prep stuff

I removed the clamps from the spar cap layup dam.

I finished hand sanding the sheer web, and then grabbed the Dremel tool and removed the dead micro, epoxy & glass from each side of the spar cap channel.

I re-vacuumed the spar cap & the entire top wing surface.

Chap 19 - Spar cap prep

I duct taped along the edges of the spar cap channel with the ever-ubiquitous protective plastic to protect the wing foam surfaces.

Chap 19 - Spar cap prep

I then shifted gears away from the spar cap prep, to cutting the UNI glass that would be used for the top wing skin AFTER the spar cap is layed up.   I pre-cut the UNI cloth before the spar cap layup on the bottom of this wing as well, I just didn’t get any pictures of it. This was somewhat of a departure from how I did the Right wing, with just the roll of UNI on the dispenser.  I am now a huge fan of precutting the glass.  It makes the layup go much smoother, easier and faster, and it seems to be a little less messy as well.

Chap 19 - Upper wing glass skin prepChap 19 - Upper wing glass skin prepChap 19 - Upper wing glass skin prepChap 19 - Upper wing glass skin prep



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