Chapter 19 – More wing stuff

Today I started by finishing up the installations of the Aileron control system bearing that is mounted at the end of the aileron control tube channel that begins (or ends, depending on which way you look at it) in the wing root area.  The original plans calls for simply glassing in a phenolic plate with a hole drilled into it to be used as the aileron control system bearing.  This is also what is called out in the plans on the fore & aft ends of the Chapter 16 control system tube that I mounted the brackets for inside the fuselage a week or so back.  Most newer EZ’s that I’ve researched have upgraded to the type of bearings that I’m using here, sold by JD at Infinity Aerospace.  The problem with phenolic is that it eventually wears out a little bit, widening the hole and thus allowing just a bit of slop in the control system.  Of course this slop, even a little bit, isn’t good but can be prevented by installing actual metal control system bearings.

Chap 19 - Aileron wing root bearing

Chap 19 - Aileron wing root bearingI also took a bit of time to drill a hole from the top side of the Right wing’s attachment bolt channel to the bottom bolt access channel, as spelled out in Canard Pusher Newsletter #38 page 5.  This allows pooling condensation in the upper side bolt access channel to drain down to the lower bolt access panel, and then out a small hole that is drilled in the bolt access channel cover plate.  Unfortunately, since I got busy with my move stuff, I was only able to get the hole drilled and the drinking straw micro’d in on the Right wing, so I’ll have to get to the Left wing’s drain next year.

CP 38 pg 5 - Wing Fitting Vent (Soda straw)CP 38 pg 5 - Wing Fitting Vent (Soda straw)CP 38 pg 5 - Wing Fitting Vent (Soda straw)




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