Chapter 19 – Wing . . . Building On!

I built the dam for top side wing spar cap channel & bondo’d it into place.  (The weights in the pics below were left over from being used during the leveling & alignment of the wing while attaching the jigs to the work bench surface)

Chapter 19 - Right Wing Build

Chap 19 - Right Wing Build

I used the Dremel to clean up the sides of the spar cap channel some more.  Once I finished getting spar cap channels prepped for glass, I vacuumed the wings & spar cap channel.  I then taped up the edge of the spar cap and laid plastic down across the foam wing pieces on both sides of the spar cap to protect it from epoxy.

Chap 19 - Right Wing Spar Cap

Chap 19 - Right Wing Spar Cap

Chap 19 - Right Wing Spar Cap

Gina built a new set of epoxy runoffs/downspouts for me.  I then prepped for the ensuing multi-hour marathon spar cap layup.  I prepositioned the 3″ UNI tape roll on its dispenser stand assembly at the end of the table.

Chap 19 - Right Wing Spar CapChap 19 - Right Wing Spar CapI then pre-cut a good majority of the long 3″ UNI tape that will run full length down spar cap trough, and then get successively shorter with each new piece… generally around 3″-6″ shorter on each end as it pyramids up to the final piece which is only 20″ long on the top of the wing & 17.5″ long on the bottom of the wing.  With the added layers per CP 25, there are 7 layers of 3″ UNI tape on the bottom wing spar cap, with the top getting 10 layers.

Chap 19 - Right Wing Spar CapI then laid up the spar cap & peel plied it (sorry, no pics just yet . . . ).  As I kept on laying in the 3″ UNI tape, Gina was working the epoxy station (Did I mention how nice it was to have help?!)

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