Chapter 20 – Rudder Layups #7 done

I started out this morning by micro’ing up the blue foam inside the rudders.  I then started laying up the 3 plies of BID inside each rudder, followed by 2 local plies of BID at each hinge location. Two of the 3 long plies of BID wrap up around the corner to the top where I dug out the foam per plans around 0.6″ deep.

Here we have both rudders with blue foam micro’d, both wet and dry, with the first ply of BID in on one of the rudders.

Here’s the completed Layup #7 in each rudder.  Note that when I cut the bottom of each of the 3 long BID plies, per side, I had to make a notch in the BID 1″ deep x 1.7″ wide to allow the glass to go around the already installed Internal Rudder Bellhorn.

I then spent a good half hour plus on each winglet rudder trough Layup #6 edges, fine-trimming the glass and sanding it down to the original cut line.  A bit tedious and painstaking, but the results look really good.

Afterwards, I spent a good hour+ rearranging the shop and repositioning the fuselage and wing dollies to allow space to re-mount the wings, which Jessica helped me do.

Here’s a bunch of shots of the wings —with winglets mounted— back on the fuselage.

Tomorrow I plan on getting at least one side of the wing-to-winglets top inside Layup #4 (2 plies BID + 7 plies UNI) laid up.  I also plan to trim and sand the inside rudder layups in prep for remounting those… along with cutting and mounting the rudder hinges.

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