Chapter 20 – Winglets layup #6 done

I started out this morning by slathering up the inside of the left winglet’s rudder trough with wet and dry micro… I did this before I cut the required BID for layup #6 to allow the micro a bit of time to set and firm up.

I then completed Layup #6: 3 plies of BID down the trough with added 2 plies of BID locally at the hinge mounting points.  On the top (bottom here since inverted) I did 2 plies of BID inside the 0.6″ notch, which were part of the last 2 trough plies I laid up.

A few hours laters, as I was messing around with the rudders, I razor trimmed the left winglet Layup #6 glass edges.

Since the right side Layup #6 was fully cured, I needed to use the Fein saw to carefully trim away the excess glass.

On the rudders, I started by digging out a good bit of the foam in the actual shop before taking them outside to clean up the glass edges.  Note my visible sins of the past: Tacks in buried peel ply.

A bunch of the peel ply came up with a little effort, but the majority was on for good.  Again, what I know now compared to back when I first started out.

Using the Dremel on old buried peel ply is a razor’s edge… it takes a bit to get the peel ply removed, but the 2-ply UNI skin is so darn thin that I had a good number of breakthroughs.  Thank goodness 3 plies of BID are going in behind this skin because the resulting flange left after prepping it for glass feels like it’s 5 atoms thick!

Again, replete with a number of break-throughs —bruised but not broken!— the rudders are ready for glass.

I then spent a good little bit of time measuring out the BID and cutting all of it for both rudder inside Layup #7’s.  By this point it was a good bit into the evening, so I decided to hold off until tomorrow to glass the inside of the rudders.

I have to say that every time I look across the shop and see the inverted lower winglets, it reminds me of the creatures in ‘Aliens’ … I told Marco this and then cut some tape for a quick bit of fun with this pic I sent him.

And with that, I called it a night.  Will press onward tomorrow!

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