Chapter 20 – Making rudder hook plugs

Today I started off reacquainting myself with Fusion 360 CAD software by drawing up the Rudder Return Spring Hook Plug as outlined (or mentioned… ahem!) in Chapter 20.

Drawing up the hook plug really wasn’t that challenging, but getting back into the CAD side of Fusion 360 to machine these things took a little bit of relearning.  I then had to do some tweaking on the milling machine for a couple of hours to get it back online and ready to spit out some chips.

Before I actually started machining the Rudder Return Spring Hook Plug out of 1/4″ Birch plywood, I took a break for about an hour to take pics and respond to Clinton regarding the exhaust pipes fit in the lower cowling.

I then got back to machining my rudder return spring hook plugs, as you can see in this video:

Although I added these pics to the end of the video, here you can see I floxed the hooks into the wood plugs, and then with some leftover flox I floxed the wood plugs into the ends of the rudder return spring tubes a little bit later.

Being lazy, er, uh, efficient, I went ahead and put the springs onto the hooks and ran them into the tubes so I wouldn’t have to fiddle with them later.

Yep, these few pics may not make it seem like a very long or productive day, but I can assure you it was both!

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