Chapter 20 – Right ‘A’ Block in place

I started out today by removing the spacers, pulling the peel ply and trimming the glass on the right rudder Internal Bellhorn layup.

I’m not gonna lie, somewhere in my rush to get this thing installed, I placed it about 1/8″ forward than the left side.  Not sure why… but that’s where it ended up.  Is it the end of the world? No. Is it going to break the bank and make it not work?  Very likely not.  It’s just really frustrating to miss a detail like that!

I then spent about 45 minutes shaping my blue foam ‘A’ block for the right side.  Once I felt I had a good fit (Oh, and let’s be real: Is there any certain way to ensure no air gaps other than pour foam? Com’n Man?!) I slathered micro on both sides, crammed a bunch of goopy micro all over both sides as well like a melted marshmallow sandwich and taped the crap out of it with duct tape to pull it in & down tight.

I then added a good little bit of weight to the top of it before heading out for an awesome Thanksgiving Dinner at Jessica’s.

Earlier I did pull the peel ply (curiosity got the best of me!) on the left side Layup #3.  I have to say I’m very pleased with how this layup came out.

Here’s a couple more direct shots of Layup #3 from the winglet and wing side.

I then removed the Internal Rudder Bellhorn pocket mold and got a lot of the peel ply off the inside glass face.

I’m pretty happy with the strength, depth and height of the pocket and think it will work as designed!

My last official build act of the evening was digging out 0.6″ of foam on the aft bottom edge of the right rudder to layup a ply of BID inside.

It wasn’t too awful late, but this constant building is wearing me out… so with this last little layup, I headed inside.  Tomorrow I plan on shaping the right wing/winglet ‘A’ Block and then laying up Layup #3 on the right side.

Pressing foward!

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