Chapter 21/22 – Electrons & Fuel

I started out today by installing the strake R45 ribs onto the CS spar front face.  I used 2 plies of BID on the inboard corner and a ply of BID on the outboard corner.

Here’s the left R45 rib floxed and glassed in place.

And here’s the right one.  I did peel ply the inboard layups since I’ll be glassing quite a bit over those corners.

I then took a break from the strakes to let the R45 layups cure.  I cracked open the manual for the Electroair electronic ignition and determined I simply needed to add a significant length of 18 AWG wire from the Battery Bus (on back side of Napster bulkhead) to the D-Deck…. at least that’s what it ended up being.

I also printed a bunch of labels and applied those.  With this wire installed, that only leaves on my list the Trio Autopilot roll servo cable needing to be installed.  Again, that will get installed when the panel electronics get installed.

Quite a few hours later, after the R45 rib layups were cured to the touch, I trimmed the glass and then added another piece to the puzzle…. you can see them just behind both the left and right R45 ribs below . . .

The square pieces I glassed along with the BAB baffle extension pieces.  These pieces extend outboard from the R45 rib perpendicular to it.

Here’s another shot.  I know it would have been easier, and even given more fuel, if I had angled these extended fuel cell back wall’s outboard edge aft.  But I wanted to keep the fuel forward of the line close to the plane’s CG.  Granted, having this piece straight across may make it a bit trickier to bevel and shape to fit into the strake wing-like shape.

Here we a view of the aft side of the new fuel cell’s back wall.

And a couple of shots of the same extended fuel cell aft wall on the left side strake.

My next task on the strake is to trim the modified OD ribs so that they’ll fit parallel to the R45 ribs, glassed to both the CS spar and the new extended fuel cell aft wall.  On the left side the outboard face of the OD rib is where both GRT magnetometers will get mounted.

I’ll be out of town for the next few days, so no building over that time.  I’m hoping when I return that I’ll have no more trips to deal with for a while.

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