Chapter 21/22 – GIB map light install

Today was a short build day in that pretty much all I got accomplished was the installation of the GIB map light.

I determined the final location of the GIB map light inside the right strake baggage compartment before drilling the first 2 of 3 holes from the inside.  With the GIB fresh air vent in the way I couldn’t drill the 3rd hole from the inside, so I set up the mounting base on the top of the strake skin and drilled it from the outside.

I created 2 threaded nubs to secure 2 of the 3 screws by cutting a #6 RivNut in half. Really these are just to snug up the base to the underside strake skin to allow the securing flox to cure.  Clearly they do add some securing strength, but it just made it easier to flox the darn thing in place by using these (after I sanded the underside strake skin at the mounting site, of course).

Of course I had to keep these threaded nubs from spinning while I threaded the screws in place, and for that job I used forceps.

Here we have the GIB map light installed in the right strake baggage area with flox.

I actually did do just a bit of touch-up painting with the gray granite paint to cover up some of the ugly dark brown/brick red EZ Poxy layups in the upper corners at the aft opening of the baggage compartment.

As I mentioned in my last post, here are pics of the internal strake baggage layups.  First, the aft right strake baggage area.

And here’s the aft left side.


I also temporarily mounted the aft left and right armrests.

I then grabbed a shot of each side forward baggage opening underside layups.  First the right side.

And then the right side.

With this, I called it an afternoon and headed to New Bern for dinner with my girl.


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